Pietra Gray Marble


Size 1.40 * 2.40 * 2 cm

Price 17.5 $ FOB

Pietra Gray Marble


Size 60 * 60 * 2 cm

Price 11.5 $ FOB

Persian Carrera


Size 1.40 * 2.40 * 2 cm

Price 22.5 $ / FOB

Silver River


Size 1.60 * 1.80 * 2.80 cm

Price 27 $ FOB

WELCOME TO THE Pietre Elegante

Pietre Elegante Company producer and owner of several quarries and factories which produce Slab, Tile and Stairs of Persian Carrara Marble, Pietre Grey Marble, Nero Marqino, Silver River, Silver, Titanium and Beige Travertin.

New Collections

Our Marble

Pietra Grey marble is one of the best natural stones in Iran, which has attracted the attention of many prominent architects and designers in the world due to its gray to black color spectrum. The beauty pattern of this stone along with its high resistance to erosion and corrosion, as well as its high water absorption and high shining gloss, has made it used in many mega projects around the world. Pietre Elegante company, with its Pietra Grey marble mine, which is completely dark in color, has been able to produce 40,000 square meters of slabs and tiles monthly , as well as 1,000 tons of high-quality blocks in raw is exporting to China, India, Turkey and Egypt. This company with a mine and factory for processing Pietra Grey marble can be an excellent supplier for your projects in the best time and quality.

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Our Persian Carrara

White Persian Marble is the most similar stone in the world to Carrera and Arabescato marble, which has been able to gain a lot of acceptability among its customers.

The structure and texture of this stone is Crystalline Marble, which has been able to give special properties to this stone, which include: very beautiful design and pattern, high resistance to erosion, acid and detergent, and low water absorption. Pietre Elegante Company is a large shareholder of White Persian marble mine and currently produces 5000 square meters of slabs monthly in its factories and uses them in large projects.

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Our Iranian travertines

Iranian travertine has always been considered by architects and stone traders of the world due to its high quality and very beautiful design and pattern. Among Iranian travertines, light, beige and noce travertines are more popular. Due to the most of customer’s requests, Pietre Elegante Company has been able to produce 15,000 square meters of Dehshir and Abarkoh travertine monthly for customers and has been one of the best suppliers of Iranian travertine in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Pietre Elegante Company also exports 200 tons of travertine blocks to Turkey and India monthly, which has led to the company’s reputation in raw material importers among these countries.

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Our Botticino Marble

One of the factories of Pietre Elagante Company is exclusively producing Botticino marble in slab and tile dimensions, which is due to its cream color and the best quality has been welcomed by customers. . One of the usage of this stone is in the floors, hotel lobbies, rooms, elevators, etc. Botticino marble is one of the best types of Iranian marble, which is also the global brand of Iranian cream marble. Pietre Elagante factory with a monthly production of 10,000 meters of slabs and tiles is one of the most powerful suppliers of Botticino marble, which has been able to supply stone to many Middle Eastern projects.

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Our Granite

Due to the welcome of customers from Iran Granite Stone and also its high quality, Pietre Elegante Company has been able to provide with the best quality and cutting via multi-wire machinery, 3000 square meters slabs of dark black granite, Forest green granite, Nazanz black granite, Natanz white granite and Nehbandan white granite monthly for customers. Also, due to the high consumption of Iranian granites in tile’s shape, this company supplies 10,000 square meters of granite tiles in different dimensions to Russia, UAE, Qatar, Oman and Iraq.

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Why we are different ?

Pietre Elegante Company is one of the producers of Iranian natural stone, which produces 40,000 square meters of stones in the dimensions of tiles and slabs monthly, which can carry out large projects of its customers with excellent processing and commitment to quality and customer demand.

1. Producer and quarry owners in the implementation of projects of more than 100,000 square meters.

2. Provide stable prices throughout the project.

3. Removing intermediate.

4. Able to produce natural stones in huge quantities.

5. Able to produce high quality according to European standard.

6. Delivery of stone to the project site location on time.

7. Providing transportation and shipping with the best services.